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About us


Madina and Masha Chunky Mishka


We are

Two women that decided to follow their dreams. Two women that are passionate about fashion and comfort. Two women that accept the challenge of creating garments reflecting the needs of a modern woman. We are Masha Rotari and Madina Mentink, and we are happy to see you here.


Chunky Mishka is

A brand created for a contemporary lifestyle to make you feel warm and stylish in your every day life without extra effort. Our design process starts with comfort and quality in mind and is aimed to bring you the most exquisite trends of the season. Chunky Mishka is about fashion, yet we are convinced there should be statement pieces in your wardrobe that stand the test of time and can be styled with anything from your favourite everyday jeans to a silk evening gown. All our chunky garments are sustainably hand made in Russia, and we invest plenty of time in sourcing the highest quality of yarn for our brand. Exact composition of each model can be found on its page in our Shop.


You are our muse

Chunky Mishka is inspired by you, the modern woman that knows what she wants, has a lot on her plate and yet manages to be effortlessly stylish in her every day life. We believe in community of women that support each other and in brand that is designed to make you feel loved and empowered while wearing timeless designs.